4 Dog Breeds that Get Well Along with your Feline Friend

Want to bring a nice fluffy kitty at home but don't know how your dog will react to it? It is believed that cats and dogs do not get along very well and it is actually true in many ways. While many people are either dog or cat lovers, many wants to live with both of them.

The bigger question is, do they also want to live with each other? In many cases, they just cannot stand each other. A good thing is that you will need only one emotional support animal letter for both of your cat and dog.

If you are looking for a dog that will go well with your feline family member then consider the following breeds.

1. Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are probably the most popular and loved dogs. They are gentle, sweet-tempered and playful. These dogs genuinely love everyone and this loving behavior are for cats also. They are adaptable and can live very well with cats and other pets.

2. Maltese

These dogs are often considered as toy breeds as they are small and often, do not weigh more than 7 pounds. They are gentle and make a great companion for all the family members and for your Kitty also. They are small and have a laid back type of behavior, which gives your cat ample room to do its own thing.

3. Newfoundland

They are the gentle giants of the dog world. They are huge with equally huge heart that is filled with love for everyone, for your cat also. They calm, patient and protective of their family, which makes them ideal for people of lal ages and pets of all kinds.

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4. Beagle

Beagle has an exceptionally developed sense of smell. Originally, these dogs used to be a part of the larger dog packs and used their sense of scent to hunt the prey. This is why they work quite well with other animals and will have no issues living with your cat.

Dogs make great companions for humans but not a great companion for cats. However, if you are both a dog and a cat person, then the above dog breeds will make an ideal ESA for you and get free emotional support animal letter from legitimate service.

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