3 Things to Know If Birds As ESA


Wondering if your beloved pigeons or parrots would qualify for an emotional support animal? Why not! An emotional support animal provides mental comfort and other therapeutic benefits to their owners.

However, birds could be far more convenient and enjoyable companions than a cat or a dog. But, like we always say, before getting your ESA letter for any animal, always ask for an emotional support animal letter sample to know the details that will be added in it. This applies to your ‘flighty’ ESAs also.

Talking about the benefits of having birds, following are some of the reasons that make them better ESAs than a cat or a dog.

1. They can Manage their Bathroom Needs

With a cat and a dog, you need to make special arrangements for their bathroom needs. For a cat, a litter box that you have to clean a few times a week and for a dog, you need to take them to daily walks and scoop up the poop afterwards, ewww!

For birds, you will not need any such arrangement. They use their cages as their bathrooms that you will need to clean every few weeks, still better than cleaning a litter box or scooping up the poop.

2. They can Speak your Language

While it is not true for every bird but it is quite true for parrots. It is a scientifically proven fact that birds are the only animals that could mimic human language. Cats and dogs also communicate but they have their way of doing it, which is quite different than our own speech.

With birds, you can teach them the words and talk to them when feeling lonely.

3. Easy to Accommodate and Manage

Cats and dogs need elaborate housing arrangements and since these animals could damage the property, many landlords are wary to accept them. With birds, you will have no such problems. Often, landlords and property owners do not have issues with your bird cage as they could not possibly run around and damage the property.

Besides, they are also less noisy than cats and dogs, unless you have a specifically noisy bird type. Still, a bird’s melody is bearable than excessive cat and dog noises.
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