4 Reasons To Get A Genuine ESA Letter

Getting an ESA letter from an online source? Are you sure that the letter will be genuine and valid? A genuine and legally sound ESA letter is your only gateway to live and travel with your emotional support animal comfortably.

Unfortunately, there are many people who take advantage of it and either get fake letters or fake their symptoms.

Faking the letter does more harm than good and this is why you must do your best to get a genuine letter. Following are some of the reasons that you must get a 24-carat emotional support animal letter.

1. Fake ESA Letters are Under Radar

Since there is a significant rise in emotional support animals and ESA letters, fake letters are also on the rise. To save a few pennines, people try to get letters from cheap online sources. Generally, these sources rob you of your money and give you fake letters that do not have any genuine value.

Authorities are on the lookout for the people who forge these letters and try to avail the benefits wrongly. Other than the legal authorities, restaurants and other places are also very well informed now and know how to spot the difference between a fake and genuine ESA letter.

2. Fake Letters are Disrespectful

Fake letters are disrespectful to the people who are in a genuine need of support. People living with psychological and mental disabilities and limitations suffer a lot in their daily life. For them, an emotional support animal is no less than a blessing as they could function normally with them.

Because fake ESA letters are a dime a dozen now, people with genuine issue face difficulties to obtain it in time. Therefore, we suggest that before applying for a letter, analyze your condition realistically and if you truly need an ESA. If yes then consult a LMHP to screen you and write the letter for you.

3. You cannot Avail Full Benefits with a Fake Letter

Since so many people have fake ESA letters now, authorities are way smarter now. Police, landlords, restaurant owners and people working at the airport and airlines know how to recognize a real letter. In case your letter is fake, you will not be eligible to avail any benefits.

Under the Fair Housing Act and Air Carrier Access Act, an ESA owner can live and fly with his or her emotional support animal without paying any extra charges. But, this is possible with a real letter only. A fake letter will not get you anything.

4. Fake Letters could Land you in Legal Trouble

Fake ESA letters come with grave consequences. If you are spotted with a false letter, you could be charged with a hefty fine and imprisonment. The punishment varies from state to state and, therefore, check your state’s laws against using a false ESA letter before doing any such thing.

A genuine free emotional support animal letter is not only useful only, but it also helps you in availing all the benefits. We suggest that you see an emotional support animal letter sample to know what it has and save yourself from a fake letter.