Mobile Phone Targets Youth

My life will be dead without a phone. People often claim this. Believe it or not, mobile phones have become an essential part of our life. There exists another planet inside the earth that is a mobile phone.

Yes, internet connectivity is used to breathe air and social media platforms are the sources used for feeding. Mobile phones have offered ease but beware;

Everything that glitters is not gold.
Staring at mobile phone for hours kills your eyesight. Sitting on the train, waiting in a queue or laying on a bed, mobile phones dominate us.

Youth is the most affected generation in modern times. They struggle to pay attention to studies.
Social media is the root cause of the bad impacts imposed by mobile phones. Even adults are addicted to using social media platforms day and night. The children are certainly going to do the same.
If you are a parent, save your children from the harmful impacts of the mobile phone. Usage of the mobile phone may sound a petty matter to you.

Disorders and Mobile Phone
Cell phones have become a potential source to spread psychological disorders in youth. Have you ever wondered why your children keep swiping fingers on the mobile phone late at night?
Well, it is nothing more than a psychological disorder.

Lack of productive activity is another dangerous element associated with mobile phones. You may ask your child to write essay for me on some creative thinking topic or play indoor or out door games with them. When you can play soccer on the screen similar to real-time play, there is no need left to go out op n the field and kick. Obesity and health issues arise in the absence of healthy activities.

You can build a reading habit in your child by giving some interesting story book to them. By this activity they have good vocabulary, imagination power, writing skills and much more. They can read online story book, free essays, news papers etc.
Keep a Check on Children
For all the parents reading out there, keep a strict check on the activities of your children. Even playing games for long hours can have detrimental impacts on the behavior of children.
The bottom line is youth is in a vulnerable state and must be rescued.